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We are fresh from a busy half term including a fantastic day at All Points Equal, part of the All Points East Festival in Victoria Park, at which the suffragettes made a rousing appearance.


This summer, we are delighted to be creating the family show at Museum of London Docklands - Styx, Stone and Roman Bones - to run alongside the Roman Dead exhibition...
















Something's gone wrong!

A Roman soul is stuck in 21st Century London, and needs your help to move on.


Roman Londoner Grata died in the 2nd Century AD, and according to her beliefs, her soul should have crossed the River Styx to the Underworld. Yet for some reason, she's still here ...

Come and help her finish the journey she started more than 1800 years ago, otherwise she could be stuck in the land of the living for eternity, whihc is a very long time indeed!


This fun interactive show is aimed at families wth children aged 7 and above.

August 1st - 31st, Wednesday to Saturday, 11.30, 1.30 and 3pm.





Photography © Museum of London