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We had an amazing time at the Votes For Women Festival at the Museum of London recently. What an inspiring event, and what fun it was to be running around the museum, chalking, graffitti-ing and arguing with anti-suffrage 'police'.


Easter has been a blend of fish, dinosaurs and aliens, and now we look forward to half term, which will be a blend of Romans, pigeons, suffragettes and the man in the moon.


26th and 27th May: Moon Man by Tomi Ungerer Museum of London

28th May and 1st June: Litlle Old Boy by Geraldine McCaughrean, All Points East Festival, Victoria Park

29th and 30th May: Little Old Boy, Museum of London Docklands

31st May and 1st June: Protest by Story Spinner, Maritime Museum

1st and 2nd June, Fly Cher Ami by Robert Burleigh, RAF Museum Colindale



















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